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Web Analytics Reporting with Atlanta Websites
Why are web analytics reports necessary for your client?

Every website owner wants to know how effective her business is. When you invest in the promotion of your web project, various paths can be used - organic search optimization, PPC, email marketing campaigns, advertising banners, social media advertising. And of course you are eager to know what promotion source works better. How can you find out if the targeted audience visits your website? How to define whether you are ahead of your competitors or way behind? The answers to these questions will be given by visitor analytics.
How to use the AtlantaWebsites Web Analytics Reporter?

If you track your stats using Google Analytics, you can easily embed some of the most important charts to Atlanta Websites and compile an all-in-one website SEO report which will include keyword ranking, backlink stats, SEO analysis and web analytics metrics.
At the moment, Atlanta Websites can show the visitor referrers data, demographic reports and a comparison to your competitors' analytics data.
To add Google Analytics to Atlanta Websites (in case you haven't done this during the project setup wizard), open Web Analytics Reporter, select Google Analytics, send a request to your client's analytics account and make sure the access is granted. That's it, you can then add analytics to Atlanta Websites reports.
What web analytics reports can be added to Atlanta Websites?

Traffic efficiency reports ('Traffic overview' and 'Efficiency' tabs)

Show your client how effective her website promotion methods are with the help of the following web analytics reporting charts and graphs:

  • Referring organic keywords - what people searched for when they found her website
  • Referring PPC keywords - if you run PPC campaigns, it is interesting to know which keywords force sales
  • Referring sites - which websites refer the most visitors to her website
  • Campaigns - which of all advertising campaigns - email newsletter, banners, links - were most profitable 
Visitor demographics information ('Geo' tab)

Every website is being oriented to some audience, these people are called the target audience. With the help of Google Analytics and Atlanta Websites you can see if the target audience really visits the website and include this demographic information in your report.
Comparison to competitors ('Competitors' tab)

“He who has never tasted bitter, knows not what is sweet”. It's always interesting to compare yourself to others in order to find out who is more prosperous and to decide where to move.

To obtain your competitors' data, you should add their website URLs and our site traffic analysis application will build a report based on their traffic numbers (according to Compete and Alexa), so you can have an estimation of how your traffic is compared to theirs.

Include all these reports in a Atlanta Websites all-in-one SEO report and email it as a PDF, this will help your reports look professional and will serve as a proof of your work.

The purpose of this web analytics reporting tool is to show your traffic trends as important indicators of a website's success. Of course, if you need a detailed analysis of your visitors' behavior, traffic referrers, landing pages, conversion funnels and many other success factors, you should look up them in your Google Analytics account.

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