PPC Management

Effective PPC Management of Google AdWords and Bing Ads

  • ROI-driven approach to PPC campaign management
  • 360 degree tracking of phone calls and contact forms
  • Flat fee management plans without contracts
  • Same-day response guarantee via phone & email
Dedicated Team of Certified Adwords & Bing Ads Professionals

Each client in AtlantaWebsites receives a dedicated team of experienced PPC professionals. 

Your point-of-contact is a certified Bing Ads professional with a proven track-record in ecommerce campaigns and he’s backed by a PPC Supervisor with years of experience.
AdWords™ Certified Partner & Bing Ads Reseller

The Google Partner program only includes hand-picked agencies that have met Google’s most stringent eligibility and training requirements.

As a local business, you can join thousands of small businesses who have benefitted from the proven AdWords expertise that has made us a unique Google AdWords™ Certified Partner.
Full focus on ROI with Call and Conversion Tracking

One of the most important aspects of PPC campaigns is the ability to track them properly. Most local businesses rely on both contact form submissions and phone calls to drive leads for them.

In AtlantaWebsites we include tracking of both forms and phone calls. This allows us to optimize your campaigns based on what really matters – leads.
Increase Your Reach from PPC Marketing with Bing Ads

Even though Google is the biggest Search Engine in North America, we cannot ignore the gains you can get from expanding to Bing Ads.

You can reach new demographics as well as all the users who haven’t changed Bing as the standard search engine in Windows, iPhones and many other devices.
Collaborative Efforts to Maximize Results

Having one point of contact develop, maintain and optimize both your Bing Ads and Google AdWords campaigns means that you will get a synergy that is hard to match.

We have the ability to track the performance of ad copy, keywords, negative keywords and many other factors across platforms resulting in better performing PPC campaigns.
Benefits Included in our PPC Management plans
Competitor, Market and Industry Research
Extensive Keyword Research Focused on Generating Sales
Hand-Written Ad Copy Focused on Generating Sales
Ad Extensions for Ecommerce
Strategic Optimizations Scheduled Every Month
Monthly Report & Conference Call
Frequently Asked Questions
What reporting do you offer?

Once a month you will receive an official Search Engine Marketing report. It contains:

  • A breakup of campaign performance at the campaign, ad group, ad copy and keyword level
  • Optimization highlights & takeaways
  • A ‘Moving Forward’ section
See an example of an AdWords Report. Furthermore, we also always urge our clients to join a WebEX session where we discuss the monthly report and the plan moving for the following month(s). Weekly or bi-weekly optimization updates via email are also standard as well as the ability to set up a phone meeting any time you see fit.

Do you create data feeds from scratch?

Unfortunately not. Due to the time-extensive manner of creating and subsequently keeping the data feed updated we can’t create data feeds from scratch.

At the very least we need your Shopping Cart software to export your product list via an XML file. Most major Shopping Cart providers offer this as standard in their platform. Your Regional Sales Manager will be able to identify what Shopping Cart you have and whether we can manage your Google Shopping campaigns.

Can all businesses succeed with Bing Ads?

In theory, every single business can get success with Bing Ads. However, in practice you’ll discover that some industries have a very low amount of search volume with Bing Ads. 

In AtlantaWebsites we have a proven process for determining whether a business will get success from advertising with Bing Ads. Feel free to reach out to one of our Regional Sales Managers to learn more about your opportunities.
Is My Budget Paid Directly to Atlanta Websites?

No. Your ad spend and the AtlantaWebsites management fees are paid separately.

Your ad spend is paid to Bing Ads or Google AdWords. The AtlantaWebsites management fee is paid directly to AtlantaWebsites.com through PayPal.com (our online payment processing partner).
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