Meet Doug Hauptman

Greetings and Salutations!

Hello my name is Douglas Hauptman and I am the founder of I want to thank you for your time today and let you know that is my first and foremost goal to establish a trust based relationship with you today.

If I could ask you three simple questions and boil to the bottom line of what you need to market your business successfully I would. And even if it takes more than three questions I will try as hard as possible to communicate everything I can think of that will help my clients increase their business.  

As owner of Atlantawebsites it is my responsibility to leverage my 20 years experience as an Internet Technologies developer and the last 45 years of sales experience to help our clients succeed in every area of their endeavor.

One of the greatest challenges today is in disseminating all the information and narrowing that down to a list of all the things that are possible and then prioritizing that list in a way that maximizes time and profit.

I absolutely enjoy doing consulting and look forward to helping all of our clients achieve the objectives they have in mind. But even more than that I enjoy following up and performing the analysis and conducting ongoing experiments and optimization to go even even further beyond that.

Finally I would like to say that we wish to leave a lasting positive impression in every area that we endeavor.

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