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Full setup by professional WordPress expert Designed for the optimal mobile experience Developed for SEO and fast page load time
Website Built On The Powerful WordPress Platform

WordPress is responsible for powering more than 60% of all websites with a known CMS. WordPress is known for its extreme flexibility and powers everything from simple blogs to full-blown websites for major brands. WordPress is routinely updated and innovated to keep up with the latest standards in web.
Designed for the optimal mobile experience

All our websites are designed with the mobile-first mentality. Our websites are first and foremost designed with the intent that mobile users get a good experience. Many local businesses get 50% of their website visits from smartphones. With our mobile-optimized websites you will get the most out of all your visitors no matter the device they are using.

Developed for SEO and Fast Page Load Time

Our SEO experts have been involved in the entire design and development process ensuring that all website designs are properly set up for any SEO consultant to work efficiently. The website’s navigation, internal links and coding have all undergone supervision by SEO experts to ensure full alignment. All our website designs are also guaranteed to get above 90 in the Google PageSpeed test. If your design isn’t at 90 or above by delivery, we will optimize it to get 90 or above.
Engineered to Grow Your Business Online

Websites for local businesses are meant to do one thing and one thing only: Obtain leads. Your website should be a 24/7 salesman who never tires and who always has his best pitch ready. With click-to-call, contact forms and visibile phone numbers, our local business websites are designed to grow your business and allow you to increase the performance of any online marketing efforts you’re engaged in.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need to change hosting provider? 

No, once your new website is completed you may continue using your current hosting provider. In case you don’t have a hosting provider, or this does not meet the minimum requirements (PHP, MySQL, FTP, PHPMyAdmin) you can sign up to our WordPress Webmaster Service as an additional service that includes hosting and covers all website management.

What additional Website services do you offer ?

If you have any questions or technical issues with your new website feel free to contact us, and our skilled Account Manager will be able to assist you. We also offer our WordPress Webmaster Service as an additional service that covers all website management.

Will I have full ownership of the site, content and images?

Yes, you will have full ownership of everything that is used to built your new site, and you will be given your log in information once the website is launched by your Account Manager.
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