Keyword Research

A Powerful Tool for In-Depth Keyword Research and Analysis
Unlimited Keyword Suggestions

Get unlimited suggestions of keywords and phrases related to your business, analyze their effectiveness and build your keyword list. 

Spy on Competitors Module

See which keywords your competitors are already using and add the most effective ones to your keyword list. 

Integration with Rank Checker and SEO Auditor 

Forget about copy-pasting and jumping from one SEO tool to another. Automatically find and use the keywords you select in all of AtlantaWebsite's tools, including Rank Checker and SEO Auditor, at no additional cost.
What You Get with the AtlantaWebsites Keyword Suggestion Tool
Unlimited Keyword Suggestions:

Run your keyword research and keyword analysis jobs as many times as you wish.

Competitor Keyword Data:

Simplify the process of keyword research by spying out the keywords used by your competitors (the "Spy On Competitors" report of the AtlantaWebsites Keyword Tool).

Integration with AtlantaWebsites Rank Checker:

Your keyword basket will be automatically presented in the settings for AtlantaWebsites Rank Checker where you can check your rankings on 370+ global and local search engines.

Integration with Google Analytics:

See what keywords are already bringing real visitors - to double your SEO efforts and increase your rankings for keywords you may have mistakenly overlooked before.
Keyword Research Roadmap:

Use a Keyword Research Checklist to learn how to shape your website's semantic field, analyze keyword effectiveness and pick the best-performing keywords.

Localized Keyword Data:

Before you start getting keyword suggestions, press "Settings" on the top right and choose your target country and language - in order to see localized monthly searches for each keyword.

Integration with AtlantaWebsites SEO Auditor:

Use the previously selected keywords in the SEO Auditor module of AtlantaWebsite's SEO Analysis tool to optimize your landing pages for better search engine visibility.

Keyword Tags:

Every website topic consists of several keyword clusters (keyword sets). Use keyword tags to organize your keywords neatly and save time.
And start researching traffic-generating keywords for your site right away!
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