Bings Ads Management

Bings Ads Management from Authorized Reseller

  • Reach 29% of consumers on U.S. Search Engines
  • ROI-driven approach to Bing Ads campaign management
  • 360 degree tracking of phone calls and contact form
  • Same-day response guarantee via phone & email
Bing Ads Authorized Reseller

Due to our proven track record and success with Bing Ads campaigns for small businesses, we’re engaged in Microsoft’s selective Bing Ads Authorized Reseller program.

The Bing Ads Authorized Reseller program ensures that experts help you develop targeted, effective paid-search campaigns on the Yahoo Bing Network.
Increase Your Reach from PPC Marketing with Bing Ads

Even though Google is the biggest Search Engine in North America, we cannot ignore the gains you can get from expanding to Bing Ads.

You can reach new demographics as well as all the users who haven’t changed Bing as the standard search engine in Windows, iPhones and many other devices.
Frequently Asked Questions
Do You Completely Discard My Own Campaign When Building Yours?

We most certainly do not. All the data that you have collected in your campaign is carefully weighed in when we create our new campaign.

The best ideas on how to build your new campaign are often found within your old campaign. It’s not always the case, but in 95% of the campaigns we build in White Shark Media, we gain insight into the client’s previous campaign.

Why Is Call Tracking Free with White Shark Media?

In our experience it’s better for us to absorb the cost of call tracking because we have had challenges convincing new clients about the necessity of call tracking. To show how serious we are about knowing the true performance of your PPC campaigns we therefore absorb the full cost of call tracking including installing the code on your website without extra charges.

We include up to 400 minutes in our PPC plans, but if you go over this amount we normally find a new arrangement with our clients or disable call tracking for the rest of the month (not desirable though).

A Call Tracking plan is included in all our management plans, which includes setup, maintenance and reporting.

Can all businesses succeed with Bing Ads?

In theory, every single business can get success with Bing Ads. However, in practice you’ll discover that some industries have a very low amount of search volume with Bing Ads.
In AtlantaWebsites we have a proven process for determining whether a business will get success from advertising with Bing Ads. Feel free to reach out to one of our Regional Sales Managers to learn more about your opportunities.
Is My Budget Paid Directly to White Shark Media?

No. Your ad spend and the AtlantaWebsitesmanagement fees are paid separately.

Your ad spend is paid to Bing Ads or Google AdWords. The AtlantaWebsites management fee is paid directly to WAtlantaWebsites through (our online payment processing partner).
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