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I am proud to announce that we have officially achieved Google Certified Partner with a certification in AdWords! Now "Let the Games Begin!"

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Welcome to your new best friend on the internet when it comes to marketing! The first and a original was launched in 2001. Since then I've branched out into numerous business ventures, some successful, some very successful, and some not so successful.

Through it all I have learned many things about website development and about website marketing. I have successfully developed over 5000 websites since 1992 when the Internet was just in its infancy. At that time everybody called it the www.

Things have changed dramatically since those early days. I can remember when the Internet was only available in black and white. That's right, all the pages and images were only black and white. I remember clearly the's first website was in black and white. Well those days are long gone now. It won't be long before personal computers themselves will be obsolete.

I personally predict that handheld devices will project audio and video much like you see holograms in SciFi movies like Star Trek and Star Wars. I also predict that such technology will be the predominant technology within 15 to 20 years if not sooner. So for those of you who think that things are pretty far out these days you haven't seen anything yet!

I personally am looking forward to the future of the Internet. It promises to be exciting and challenging and yes, profitable. So join me today to begin on a journey that promises to be both exciting and profitable. As an experienced SEO expert I can and will answer any question you may have.


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